Artist's Current Biographical Data As Henry Muller stated,

" I believe that the main political function of art today, though this might sound modest, is to mobilize the imagination."

Christina Miguel Mullen is an artist whose work includes mural painting, interactive multi-media, the Internet, photography, installation, video, and performance. The process involves an investigation into micro aspects of personal identity, culture and family history, to the macro aspects of culture, labor, colonialism, political involvement and displacement. Using her family experiences, diaspora and cultural history taken from origins of Hawaii and the Philippines, she incorporates familiar images taken from popular culture and presents these images out of their usual context to expose the contradictions inherent in society. The murals and public projects are focused on paying tribute and homage to the various communities who have contributed to our society. The art makes their hard work and struggle visible for us to see and take notice. With devices such as humor, satire, and nostalgia, she hopes to raise awareness and provoke dialogue, which crosses boundaries. Her ultimate goal is to use art as a way to better understand the relationship between art and society, using art as a vehicle for social empowerment and political change. "As a public artist and muralist I realize there is a separation between presenting work outside the gallery and inside a formal space. I have heard this dialogue throughout my studies. However, no matter were the work is presented it will always embrace or unravel a part of history that often goes underrepresented and invisible. I must bring these issues to the table. Mangan Tayon-Let's eat." Christina Miguel Mullen Christina Miguel Mullen currently works as a Public Artist/Muralist on private commissions, grants, and community redevelopment projects. She is the recipient of the NEA Arts Learning Grant where she is the director of a portable digital mural project with schools throughout Southern California. She is currently working with the Santa Monica Museum of Art on the Wall Works Project. She works part-time at the Orange County Museum of Art as the recipient of the Visionaries Artist Internship teaching arts to schools who visit the Museum. She holds a MFA in Drawing and Studio Art and a MA in Interdisciplinary Studies under a designed program with the Chicano Latino Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies Gender Studies and Fine Art department entitled, "Ethnic Studies through murals." During the summers she works for the Getty Museum Grant Program as a Mentor and Discussion Leader with the Getty Summer Multicultural Interns leading art tours, discussing theory, artist practice as well as advising. In addition, she also works as a Public artist directing large-scale mural projects and conceptual interactive projects with local non-profits and youth as the founder and Director for Leonida Flip-side murals and college instructor of mural painting at Santa Ana College. Some of the projects include murals for the Los Angeles Unified School District, East West Community partnership, People's Core, SIPA, FASGI, Local 11, The Getty Research Institute, Self Help Graphics, and projects located in Long Beach including Poly High School, Family Resources and Services, Homeland Cultural Center and Memorial Hospital. Her work has been collected by major institutions such as the "Mangan Tayon" print series which she created for the Maestras Atelier print exhibition at Self Help Graphics Juried exhibition. She has received several grants and awards for her work from the Public Corporation of the Arts Neighborhood Grant Mapping Mac Arthur Park Mural and Oral History Project, the Historical Fine Arts Commission of Carson -Carson High School Mural, Artist in Residence Kellogg Fellowship at the Long Beach Museum of Art, and recipient of the Dean's Scholar Award for Public Art in the Urban Landscape at Cal State University Long Beach.

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